County Referendum 5: Petition payments

This referendum proposes a law that would essentially try to keep people from paying workers or organizations based on how how many signatures they get for a petition. If those rules are violated, the petition would be considered invalid.

Here’s the official wording:

Shall the charter be amended to prohibit any person circulating an initiatory petition from paying or offering to pay any individual or organization, or receive payment or agree to receive payment, on a basis related to the number of signatures obtained for circulating the petition and invalidate any petitions collected in violation of this prohibition?

Miami’s long dealt with issues over fraudulent signatures on petitions and campaign workers making a living bouncing from candidate to candidate or issue to issue, and this item is geared at preventing that kind of behavior. Supporters of the current system think that it will be harmful to organizations with good intentions that want to pay people and not depend on volunteer labor.

If you vote yes, you do not think that people or organizers should be paid based on the number of signatures they get for a campaign or cause.

If you vote no, the process will remain the same, allowing those people and/or organizers more financial flexibility for getting the word out about their petition.