How a park volunteer board got funding from The Miami Foundation to beat the sun

When an outdoor fitness zone was installed in Liberty City’s Gwen Cherry Park, residents quickly realized that without some shade, the Miami heat basically rendered the equipment unusable. Now the neighborhood’s park-goers are getting their day in the shade.

The park’s volunteer board, the Gwen Cherry Park Foundation, was chosen as one of the 15 winners of the The Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge in its inaugural year. The grant money they received would help provide a shade covering for the fitness zone.

Elaine Black, one of the foundation’s board members, is now encouraging others to apply for grants to help enhance their neighborhood parks. “Think about what the ask is going to be and that it can happen, and that you have the players necessary to help make it happen,” she said.

“Every individual’s idea is a good idea and it can work if we work together.”

This year, The Miami Foundation is investing $305,000 to make Miamians’ top ideas a reality. Everyone in Greater Miami can submit an idea to the Public Space Challenge through April 6 to help make our city a more vibrant, engaged place to live.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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