Here’s your guide to the best Instagram spots during Art Basel 2018

Let’s be real: We know that one of the major draws of art fairs and galleries is getting that perfect pic or selfie in front of an inspirational piece or one that will make sure we get plenty of likes-shares-comments.

Whether it’s an inflatable bounce house version of Kanye West or a more thought-provoking piece by The Guerrilla Girls, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get the profile pic that will be the envy of all your followers.

Here are some Insta-worthy spots we’ll be checking out this year. And if you pose at any of these, be sure to tag @thenewtropic on Instagram.

1. The Art Plug Power House

This giant exhibition is taking over an old police impound near Allapattah and creating an “adult playground” filled with monster trucks, a mechanical unicorn, and something called the “High Voltage Art Highway.” There will be plenty of weird stuff happening and it will likely set your snaps apart from what your friends are posting. Head here for tickets.

2. Basel House Mural Festival

Last year this fest in Wynwood was home to the Instagram-ready #HappyKanye bounce house and it’s a safe bet that the mix of murals will give you plenty of options if you’re looking for a great backdrop.  

3. The Red Bull and Pac-Man Rainbow Bridge

HIVE Wynwood will play host to a 30-foot tall rainbow bridge that Basel-goers can climb and explore. The bridge also has a massive LED feature that will display messages and the iconic Pac-Man character moving along the bridge. So whether you never got past the first level or you’re a Pac-Man pro, this installation will definitely be worth capturing.

4. The NightGarden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

So this one isn’t technically affiliated with Art Basel but it will be open during Miami Art Week. The colorful lights display mixed with Fairchild’s already lush scenery should be a great frame for your favorite photographer. (Shout out to all the Insta-boyfriends and girlfriends out there). You can find more info and tickets here, and heads up that it will be closed on Dec. 9.

5. The Artechouse

After a previous stop in Washington, D.C., this exhibition has arrived in Miami Beach just in time for Basel and the organizers have actually encouraged folks to take photos and get involved in the lights, sound and digital sand(!) experience.

6. The Jonathan Mannion gallery

This one is for all the hip-hop heads out there. A gallery of photos by Jonathan Mannion will be on display in the lobby of the Dream Hotel on South Beach and will include photos of rap and Rr&B icons like Aaliyah, Outkast, Jay Z and more. Mannion’s also photographed hundreds of classic album covers, so think of this gallery as your chance to create your own cover for your Soundcloud mixtape.

7. The Art of Banksy

This exhibit brings together some of Banksy’s most famous pieces (even though the artist himself is not affiliated with the show). The artist has become notorious for his mystery and for his street art popping up all over the world, but he’s also exhibited plenty of work in galleries around the world, including some pieces that will be featured here.  so if you’ve ever wanted a chance to pose with the happy choppers or any other notable work from the English artist here’s your shot. Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen when you snap that photo.

Headed to one of these places? Snap a pic and tag @thenewtropic so we can share your best photos out with our community.