Lance Bass says Bye Bye Bye to Trump

Lance Bass, beloved N*Syncer, has exchanged his boy band dance moves for political engagement. This year, he’s dedicated to supporting Hillary Clinton. We talked to Lance over the phone and picked his brain about his decision and love for the 305.

How are you connected to Miami?

My husband is from Miami Beach, born and raised. His grandfather came here in the 20s. A lot of my youth was in Orlando [where many of the boy bands got their start] and I went to Miami a good bit.

Why did you decide to start supporting Hillary?

I’ve taken a lot of time to vet out every candidate. I’m a registered independent and consider myself American before anything else. This is the first political year I’ve felt inclined to do something because as a southern Baptist raised in Mississippi and considering all my family is Republican, I see the rhetoric on both sides.

I know what it’s like to have the media put out lies after lies, I know what it’s like to have to defend your public image. I was in a boy band — everything written about me is half true. These politicians go through so much hell to do what they do. I watch both Fox and CNN, I want to use my common sense. After listening to everything, common sense tells me that the only person to run this country is Hillary. I know Trump, I’ve known him for years, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s a high school bully, he’s not what we need. We need someone with experience and there’s no one more experienced than Hillary. Looking at all the policies they both presented she’s the only one who makes sense. This is coming from an ex-Bernie supporter.

Why did you support Bernie?

I don’t consider myself political, but I’m an openly gay man so that makes me political. Politics upset me because I see how fake it is.  When I heard about Bernie and how he wanted to take money out of politics, that sparked me. He was real, that’s why I listened to him and supported what he wanted to do.

I’m happy to see that Hillary has listened to that and put that into her policies and that makes me happy because we’re dealing with a candidate who is open minded and won’t just do what they want to do. She is willing to move the ball and listen to other people.

What can she do for the LGBTQ community?

She is the only candidate that has been walking the walk since she was a teenager. I look at everyone’s political life, what their intent is and when you compare the two candidates, I don’t see anything Trump has done that shows open-mindedness for cultures or ethnicities. Hillary Clinton has. She has fought for the LGBTQ community. She continues to do that today. She’s helping to stop anti-gay laws. It’s easy to see which candidate will fight for us.

What can she do for Miamians?

It’s easy for me to see which candidate has a bigger heart. Miami is very special and unique, you have a huge Latino culture here and you have a lot of immigration happening here and that’s a huge topic this season–immigration. She’s for common sense immigration, making it easy for people to call America their home, and so I think that’s something she’s really going to help for the Miami people.

What’s your average day like here? What are some of your favorite Miami spots?

When I get to Miami it’s really about spending time with family. I have the best in-laws ever, and I get to stay with them, so it’s very enjoyable. I always try to find the newest restaurants. I love hanging out at Soho House, where my sister-in-law works. She’s like the social mayor of Miami, she keeps us out and about. But my favorite place is sitting on the beach, looking at the beautiful water in Miami. I hate cold water, even in L.A. I keep my pool at 90 degrees always. I just love the water in Miami because its always warm.