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Where to do yoga for free in Miami

We know you only do it for the savasana.

Things to do / October 19, 2016

How third parties play in the Sunshine State

In this election cycle of discontent, third party candidates are making waves. So we broke down exactly how important third parties can be in deciding an election, especially in temperamental swing state, Florida.

Politics / October 2, 2016

Life on the hyphen: Christina Garcia navigates dual identities

Cuban exiles in Miami might be surrounded by signs of home (croquetas and cafecitos), but nothing is quite like Cuba. We sat down with writer Cristina Garcia to talk “life on the hyphen.”

Cuba / September 28, 2016

Art therapy: More than those adult coloring books

After an accident left him a quadriplegic, David McCauley turned to art to heal. Now he’s leading art therapy workshops and creating his own original work here in Miami.

Art / September 21, 2016

Know your rights as a renter in Miami

It’s not easy renting in Miami–landlords hold a majority of state power over tenants. And it shows: evictions seem to be happening left and right in the rapidly changing Little River and Little Haiti neighborhoods. Here’s our guide to help you better protect yourself.

Politics / September 21, 2016

Where to eat in Wynwood for less than $10

Looking for a cheap place to eat while you stroll through Wynwood? We’ve got you covered. Here are five of the tastiest and cheapest spots to nom in the neighborhood.

Food / September 15, 2016

Forget about Brink! Meet Miami’s godfather of skating.

When you picture the South Beach boardwalk, you picture skaters in bikinis and cutoff shorts. Meet Amit Klein, who has made it his mission to make that part of that South Beach life.

People / September 8, 2016

How to travel to Cuba consciously

With flights as low as $76 one way, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to visit Cuba nowadays. But the Castro regime remains oppressive, which makes being a tourist a little, er, awkward. Here are some tips for being a socially conscious visitor to Cuba.

Cuba / September 7, 2016

Ayahuasca is putting down roots in South Florida

Most shamans using ayahuasca have to source from the Amazon, but practitioners here in South Florida can grow the root right in their backyard.

Health / September 1, 2016

Miami Mystery: It sounds like an ice cream truck — but it’s full of knives

Several of you encountered los afiladores of Miami and were very, very confused. So we investigated.

People / August 25, 2016