A showcase of talented musicians

To call the accomplishments of the New World Symphony Fellows “amazing” would be selling them short. This is a group of 84 recent college grads from all over the world chosen to perform and learn at NWS. One of the highlights of being a Fellow is being selected to perform in the annual Concerto Showcase. […]

/ December 18, 2016

‘Miami speaks with an accent’

A year ago, Miami New Drama went viral. The theater’s marquee on Lincoln Road proclaimed: “COLONY THEATRE PROUDLY REPRESENTS ARTISTS FROM SH!THOLE COUNTRIES.” Miami New Drama’s bold, persistent responses to today’s political climate extends from the marquee, past the theater’s Art Deco lobby, and onto the stage of the Colony Theatre. For Michel Hausmann, Miami […]

/ December 18, 2016

The street photography of Terence Price: Miami Gardens

If you really want to understand a community, you have to see it through the eyes of the people who live there. In his first solo show, photographer Terence Price takes an  intimate look at Miami Gardens, the neighborhood where he grew up. Emerging from the tradition of street photography, his work revolves around his […]

/ December 18, 2016

How was Miami’s Overtown neighborhood chosen as the place to expand I-95?

Interstate 95’s expansion through Overtown had a huge impact on the neighborhood and the City of Miami, so we took a look at how the decision happened.

/ January 15, 2019