August 2018 Local and Primary Voter Guide

On Aug. 28, Miami-Dade County voters will vote for new county commissioners, school board members, judges, as well as their political party’s candidates for state and national office.

/ August 3, 2018

Boleteros: All you need to know about this shady staple of Miami politics

Here’s all you need to know about boleteros, aka ballot brokers, and how they operate in Miami politics.

/ August 2, 2018

Don’t boo, volunteer: 7 things you can do to elect leaders Miami needs

Your View

Don’t worry about being annoying. Because here’s something that’s really annoying: ELECTING LEADERS WHO ARE BAD FOR MIAMI.

/ August 1, 2018

Five things to know to make your voice heard in the county budget

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If you want to weigh in, this is how to do it.

/ July 27, 2018