Steal these poster ideas to cheer on Miami Marathon runners

produced forNike believes in the Power of the Run and is excited to showcase and celebrate Miami’s running community. Read our sponsorship policyIf you have a friend running in the marathon this weekend — or even if you don’t — the 20,000 runners hitting the streets of Miami could use your support. One of the […]

/ December 18, 2016

Confused about affordable housing in Miami? Here are a few basics

We know affordable housing is a big issue in Miami, but it can be just as tough figuring out how to even talk about the problem. So we tried to clear things up a little bit.

/ January 18, 2019

A showcase of talented musicians

To call the accomplishments of the New World Symphony Fellows “amazing” would be selling them short. This is a group of 84 recent college grads from all over the world chosen to perform and learn at NWS. One of the highlights of being a Fellow is being selected to perform in the annual Concerto Showcase. […]

/ December 18, 2016

‘Miami speaks with an accent’

produced forImmigrant Powered is a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative highlighting immigrant-powered businesses and organizations in our community. Request a sticker and show your support. Read our sponsorship policyA year ago, Miami New Drama went viral. The theater’s marquee on Lincoln Road proclaimed: “COLONY THEATRE PROUDLY REPRESENTS ARTISTS FROM SH!THOLE COUNTRIES.” Miami New Drama’s bold, persistent responses […]

/ December 18, 2016