March Madness: Miami Eats

This round closed on March 14, 2017 at 3 p.m. We’re on to round four now! Vote here.

What’s the best thing to eat in Miami?

Is it croquetas or subs? Empanadas or bagels and lox? It’s a crazy question, we know. Some may even call it madness. With March Madness about to begin, we thought we’d make our own bracket for the sport we love most: eating.

We’re starting off with the best of each “type” of food. Eventually entirely separate dishes will go head to head. We need your votes. (But if you haven’t been to either of the spots in a bracket, you can leave it blank.)

Bonus: Send your completed brackets to [email protected] by Tuesday, March 14, for bragging rights – and maybe a little something delicious at the end.

If you’re trying to view the bracket on mobile, you’ll have to click on the phone and zoom in.

Caution: Do not take this poll hungry.



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  • dianab

    The issue with this is that Publix is county/state wide and will easily win by volume. It’s like having a competition of Starbucks and Panther Coffee. The right thing to do is compare local roasters like Panther vs. Eternity. This was a fun idea but please research a bit more and improve it. I want to see readers really debate who makes a better bagel or sub, but when you see the obvious problems you give up too soon.

    • Roshan

      Hey, good point, but the voting was pretty local. And actually, La Sandwicherie moved on to the second round. Check it out and vote again here for who you think should go forward. This time it’s La Sandwicherie versus Hungry Bear.

  • alfred hernandez

    People talk a lot of shit. The places in the brackets are a bit iffy.Honestly, how are you going to do a March Madness Miami bracket and not include a Frita, Batido de Mamey, or Cuban Coffee? How many ppl really come to Miami for half of this bracket?

    • ariel

      hey alfred, we were trying to have options that represented all of the cultures that make up Miami, that’s why we don’t have all the staples. Wanted to make sure to include griot and bagels and lox, too!

  • Jason

    Roasters doesn’t make their bagels or lox. They used to use the excellent Bagel Express bagels until last year.

  • Susan Jacobson

    Roasters and toasters!

  • Max Bunster

    This is understandably subjective, but you are leaving out many superior eateries …

    • ariel

      There are way too many awesome spots in Miami to all fit in one list, but we think these are some of the best! Hope you’ll still cast your vote… and leave suggestions for places for us to try!

  • Zach

    Hey y’all, I hate to say it, but I’ve never seen a Jamaican pattie at B&M market, and pretty sure Naomi’s doesn’t serve Griot…

    • Roshan

      Hiya Zach!

      Actually B&M Market does serve Jamaican patties and we know how they get them too. (We’ll share a little secret about that after the contest is over.)

      You’re right about Naomi’s though, what they’ve got is tassot — which is a similar, non-pork dish (usually turkey or beef) that a lot of people confuse for griot. We’ve clarified on the survey.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

      • Zach

        Oooo, the public demands these secrets be released! They’re too delicious to hide!