How Miami-Dade voted in the last five presidential elections

The latest polls are showing Hillary Clinton with a tiny 1-point lead over Donald Trump in Florida, while party registration figures hint that Miami-Dade County is looking good for Clinton.

As we anxiously wait for this evening’s results (seriously, who is getting work done today?), here’s a look back at how Miami-Dade County has voted in past presidential elections – and how far off from the rest of Florida we usually are.


Florida: Barack Obama: 50 percent, Mitt Romney: 49.1 percent


Florida: Barack Obama: 51 percent, John McCain: 48.2 percent


Florida: George Bush: 52.1 percent, John Kerry: 47.1 percent


Florida: George Bush: 48.8 percent, Al Gore: 48.8 percent


Florida: Bill Clinton: 48 percent, Bob Dole: 42.3 percent