Miami leaders talking resolutions and predictions for 2017

All month we’re going to press movers and shakers in the city to give us some resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. We’ll be talking local government and transit, the arts, tech and startups, and neighborhoods and development. They’ll all be gathered here any time you want to take a look back – and remind one of these folks about the promises they made on Jan. 1.

As Miami gets denser, Suarez says the City will look into making developers pay to help ease that gridlock.

He's optimistic about transportation and gender equity. He's less optimistic about sea level rise and affordability issues.

But for that to happen, Bovo says the county commission needs to show a little unity.

And that collaboration will bring a whole lot of experimentation.

Davis says there are wonderful things happening in Brownsville and Liberty City and on the heels of "Moonlight," 2017 will be a year for nurturing that talent.

VP Lisa Leone has already started connecting groups around the city.

With 2016 under his belt, The Wolfsonain's new director Tim Rodgers wants to be a bigger part of the Miami arts community this year.

The founder of EcoTech Visions sees our export economy and small biz savvy as hidden opportunities that, when coupled with the growing tech ecosystem, can be huge in 2017.

Some companies have folded. That's leaving plenty of room for the substantive companies to really take off.

The Beacon Council also wants to make it easier for startups to connect to big institutions like universities and the Jackson health system this year.

He wants more big companies to start taking local talent seriously.