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🐠Two words: Mermaid fitness

Speaking of mangoes, we’re pretty jealous of this haul.


Summer’s coming soon and those lofty fitness goals a lot of us set could soon be thrown off by beachside brunches and relaxing by the pool with a cold drink.

But for Cecelia Smith, our wellness challenger focused on improving her posture at work and beyond, keeping her goals on point comes down to routine and not taking things so seriously. She’s been working with Adrian Simo, of Simo Massage Therapy, and using his tips at home and in the office. Here’s her advice for not quitting on her wellness plan:

  • Give yourself room to take a break. Be willing to take a little rest from your routine or to mix up your routine when necessary. Cecelia said this has helped prevent her from thinking her goal is a “tremendous obligation that then seems impossible.”
  • Supplement your gym time. She told us that when she’s not a therapy session or in the gym, she’ll do stretches and exercises at home at her own pace.
  • Have fun. Cecelia said she’s never too hard on herself and even when she feels like quitting her job and “going to live on a tropical island where desk posture and computer alignment make no difference,” she finds a way to keep pushing herself.

We’ll continue rooting for Cecelia and all our wellness challengers and keep you updated with their tips.


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Helping Guatemala. The eruption of the “Volcano of Fire” last Sunday has already killed dozens, and a local Guatemalan American group has announced five locations accepting donations through Saturday at 5 p.m. The group said the main needs are canned food, first aid kits, hygienic products for women and kids, and medical supplies, like masks and disinfectants. (NBC Miami)   

Not just Parkland. Since two local Miamians – two students from Northwestern High– were shot and killed in Liberty City,  their classmates have rallied in a call to end gun violence. And like the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Northwestern students are now organizing to register young voters. But while the Parkland students are going on a national and statewide tour, the Northwestern kids are aiming their Election Heroes Initiative specifically at Miami-Dade and Broward counties. (Miami Herald)

Some seriously fowl play. Local avian activist Daria Feinstein says dozens of wild blue and gold macaws have been poached over the years in her Coral Gables neighborhood but no one’s done anything to protect the birds or punish poachers. Even though the birds have been around for decades, they aren’t technically native, so they aren’t covered under state laws that would protect them. (Miami New Times)

Calling in the county cavalry. As Hurricane Irma approached Miami-Dade, with Category 5 strength last year, Mayor Carlos Gimenez pushed for all residents to evacuate or head to county shelters. But the shelters, which were short staffed, filled up and things got pretty disorganized. That was partially due to the county depending on Red Cross volunteers. Now the county says this year, it’ll have 2,000 employees trained to help run the shelters. (Miami Herald)

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter. This is not a drill, folks. If you’ve dreamed of getting fit by flipping your fins, you’re in luck. A company called AquaMermaid is offering classes that will teach the “art and fitness of mermaid and merman swimming.” The key? Focus on moving your hips and to make ~one fluid, wave-like motion.~ The classes are offered up in Fort Lauderdale and Dania Beach but we think it’s worth the drive if you’ve dreamed of life under the sea. (Miami.com)

Under the influence. The Miami Herald, Bradenton Herald and el Nuevo Herald brought together 50 of the state’s leading educators, activists and thinkers to offer their views on where the state is headed and what steps our leaders need to take to improve Florida’s future. The newspapers plan to update the series with more thoughts from the group as we get closer to the November election season. They’ll also be seeking feedback so stay tuned and speak up. (Miami Herald)

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But we also have some sad news for oyster lovers in South Miami. Shelley’s Oyster Bar closed last month. Turns out that the restaurant was always planned to be just a pop-up. Well, it was one shell of a ride 🐚

– The New Tropic

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