November 2019 Local Voter Guide

Note: We’ve updated this guide to reflect the runoff elections happening Nov. 19.

There’s been a lot of talk about the elections in November 2020, but earlier this month we had a few important races that hit much closer to home. There were commission races in the cities of Miami and Miami Beach and six referenda for Beach voters to tackle on Nov. 5. That election resulted in a few runoff elections coming up on Nov. 19 so we’ve updated our guide to make things a little easier.

But first, we wanted to clarify a few things:

  • These city elections are all non-partisan races. So while certain candidates have received support or endorsements from different parties, we won’t be including that information.
  • We’ve done our best to avoid the kind of stuff that’s fodder for attack ads and mailers. We just want to focus on what candidates have to say about the issues you told us you care about.
  • We aren’t covering every election happening on Nov. 19 but will do our best to provide information on those races in the newsletter and when we report the Election Day results.
  • This guide will be a living document, so if a candidate has not replied, we’ll continue reaching out to them for comment. 

If you’re looking to vote early, you can do Nov. 15-17 in Miami’s District 1, Miami Beach and Hialeah. Here’s where you’ll find the calendars and information on polling places. Not sure what’s on your ballot? Check out your customized sample ballot and voter information here, so you’re totally prepped before hitting the polls.

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