The U.S. has left the Paris accords. Here’s what you need to read.

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he’s pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accords. Calling it a “bad deal” and saying that he “was elected to be president of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump’s action lumps America in with Syria and Nicaragua in not ratifying the agreement.

But isn’t Mr. Trump also president of Miami, one of the cities in the world with the most to lose when it comes to sea level rise?

The goal of the Paris agreement was to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions enough to keep the earth from warming 2 degrees celsius by 2100. The contributions that countries made towards that goal were voluntary and self set. Here’s what we promised.

According to a report by Climate Central, there’s a two-thirds chance global sea levels rise between three and 6.3 meters by 2100 if the earth warms by two degrees. This is what Miami, the city you live in, looks like with just around 2 meters of SLR:

This decision leaves us with a lot to wrap our heads around. These are the pieces that have helped us the most.