Pokémon Go is changing the world, at least for now

You know Pokémon Go is changing things up by the number of people walking around in the summer heat. So we asked locals to tell us more about how the throwback app has changed the way they move around the city. We posted up in Soundscape Park on South Beach, where there are tons of Pokestops and trees — aka the perfect spot to catch Pokemon in July. Here’s what other players had to say.


Pokemon Go story

Tyrone Delgado

“Before this game I wouldn’t even think about going outside. I work at the beach and I’ve found myself finding new places like the Memorial (Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation) on Meridian, and there’s a Pokestop on a fountain near my job, so I go there to just hang out and have lunch.”


Pokemon go GirlsPaige Meisberger

“This is our first time in Miami, like literally just got here, and it’s helping us go out and explore different places around town. It’s definitely helped us meet a more diverse group of people in the little time we’ve spent playing the game. We usually just come to Soundscape Park and know we’re going to have a good time.”


Pokemongo story (7 of 11)

Prince Vargas

“Well, [I have] two broken legs, a broken shoulder, I was in a motorcycle accident, some young guy, drinking and driving, took the light. … I still have the whole Pokemon collection, the 151 first cards in main condition. Every single last one of them in order, not one scratch on them, and it was really big for me. I’m really happy this came back. I have a charger and three solar chargers with me [to keep playing]. At night this place is insane. I have never seen something like it, there’s so many people.”

Pokemon go guy

Raul Paula

“Pokémon Go has, in my eyes, changed society in a positive way. There’s tons of people of all ages being more outgoing and interacting with each other in a way I’ve never seen before. I can walk up to anyone wherever there is a Pokestop and start a conversation. I live in Miami Lakes, and I’ve been driving into the city every other day just to catch Pokemon. I usually go to Bayfront Park, Ocean [Drive] and 5th, and Soundscape Park just because they have really good Pokemon.”

Pokemon Go 2 girls playing

Silvia Fernandez and Klaudia Fernandez

“We basically walk around Brickell and Downtown just finding Pokemon. We heard the beach was where it’s at, so we came to Lincoln Road and found Soundscape Park and a couple new places to eat. I feel like a lot of people are getting out of their house and getting in their car to drive somewhere new. The cool part is that people are actually socializing and getting in some fitness, which is why I mostly love the game.”


Pokemon go group 3

Leah Rose

“I’ve been playing Pokémon and it’s literally been getting me out of the house, getting me sweating, getting me exercise. Like honestly, it’s a really cool game. It’s just dope, I’ve met a lot of new friends finding it. I wouldn’t say I’ve found new places, but I’ve definitely been in a lot of places that you wouldn’t normally be in if you weren’t out looking for Pokémon.”

pokemon group

“We Come to Soundscape Park every day. It’s cool, we have a 7-11 for refreshments right around the block. We didn’t know this placed existed before, we just saw a bunch of lures at night and there was a lot of people, and next morning we just came by and chilled.”