Road Trip: The Upper Keys

We love the Great American Road Trip — the long journey, the parts unknown, the peculiar solitude of exploring. So we teamed up with local photographer Woo Supreme for a road trip of our own. Not for a once in a lifetime trip, but for a weekend; for deciding one morning to just get in the car and go. Our adventure starts in our own backyard, as we explore what to do in the Upper Keys.

Free from the ruckus and crushing cruise traffic of Key West, the Upper Keys are quieter, slower, and have many more seafood tiki bars per capita. While Key West was once the largest city in Florida, owing to its strategic location, the Upper Keys were historically populated with fishing towns, construction camps, and sunburnt vacationers. They’ve always been part of the alluring journey to Key West’s impossible oasis. Hundreds of people were killed and tens of millions of dollars were spent to connect the mainland through the Upper Keys by railroad. Today, we get there by car, via more than 18 miles of bridges, along the only living coral reef system in the continental United States.

We hopped in the Trax and went exploring. What’d we miss? Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments.

And our road trip in photos from Woo Supreme