Senior Send-Off: Julianna writes to Ronald Reagan Senior High

Dear Mighty Bison, 

 In a time where we should all be coming together to end out the year, we now have to stay apart and distance ourselves from one another. Our lives have come to an abrupt pause, leaving us confused and scared.

Our health, our safety, our friends, our faculty, our teachers; we had no idea that from one day to the next everything would be different and our perspectives would be changed forever. However, despite all the changes going on around us, I know one thing that has stayed constant throughout our 4 years at Reagan and that is how confidently the class of 2020 faces any obstacle. Headfirst, determined, and ready to always achieve the best outcome no matter the given situation. The class of 2020 is resilient, courageous, and will be the ones to change the world!

      As student body president, I am so proud of how the seniors have grown and matured since their freshmen year. You guys have blossomed in ways I could not even begin to describe, always proving others wrong and setting the new standard at Reagan. We have transformed the environment at Reagan to be one that is nurturing and full of positive energy and school spirit. I know that if any class had to overcome a worldwide pandemic during their senior year, the class of 2020 is the only class that could do it with such ease because I have seen firsthand how the students are able to overcome adversity.

Many of you have come from struggling countries not knowing the American culture or English but have not let that stop you from achieving your goals and making an impact at Reagan. You have all worked so hard throughout the years and have brought back the mighty bison spirit; we are back to being an “A” school that has a record-breaking soccer team with a ranking as one of the best high schools in the entire state of Florida! These achievements are all thanks to you seniors!

This is not at all what we imagined our senior year to be like, but let this moment push you forward and catapult you into continuing to make a difference in this world. It is not fair what has been taken from you and the memories we have lost, but I ask that you cherish the memories that were made. Seniors everywhere will never forget this pandemic and how it took away their senior year, but I believe Reagan will never forget the class of 2020 because we are the true definition of what it means to be a mighty bison. Always remember the strength of the herd is in the bison, and the strength of the bison is in the herd.

You are genuine leaders of the herd and I cannot wait to see you transform struggles into success. You have truly made Ronald W. Reagan/ Doral Senior High proud 2020!


All my love and bison pride,

Julianna Suriel

SGA President 2020