How to do South Beach like a tourist before all the ritzy deals run out

We’re spoiled by South Beach. People from all over the world flock to this little slice of paradise for sandy beaches and flashy nightlife. But for us, it’s just a hop over a bridge or two.

Lucky for us locals (because what kind of tourist willingly traverses into 100-degree weather?) August and September bring a whole lotta summer hotel, spa, and Miami Spice steals. So before fall finally hits and the ritzy hotel rates run out, hop off that workweek grind and use our guide to create your favorite kind of day on Sobe.

Brunch ‘n’ breeze

First things first: brunch. We recommend ditching the car at a public lot and hopping on a bike for breezy travels.  Don’t have your own bike? CitiBike has a ton of stations on the beach, which is one of the most cyclist-friendly spots in Miami. (Not sure how the bike sharing program works? Check this out).

We’re kicking off our morning with 27. This historic home has already made waves on the Miami scene as the quirky, chic eatery it is today. The interior is decked out with cute knick-knacks and mismatched chairs. But if you get the chance, snag a spot outside near the pool and order a fresh-to-death drink off of what’s considered one of the best cocktail menus in Miami. Brunch here is a little on the savory side, but we’re not about to complain about tamales for b-fast.

Mind, body, spirit

Now you’ve got a brunch buzz that’s loosened you up for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Located in what’s possibly South Beach’s most eccentric luxury hotel (have you seen the golden mammoth?) Tierra Santa is Faena’s “healing art house” – an oceanfront spa that combines South-American-inspired healing techniques with modern, state-of-the-art spa treatments. So if you’re on that holistic health and wellness tip, this is the kind of joint for you. Treatments like hyper-customized facials and deep tissue massages are going to be seriously discounted for Miami Spa Month, so get those last-minute reservations in quick.

After zenning out, bring it back down to earth and hop back on that bike to Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The 2.6-acre garden isn’t crazy big, but it’s horticulturally jam-packed so you can keep that mind-body healing going with natural wonders like the incredibly fragrant Ylang-ylang trees and gorgeous Silk floss trees. The garden has an extensive orchid and bromeliad collection, along with a Japanese garden and edible and native gardens. It also hosts its own yoga and meditation classes, but if you can’t catch one of those, there’s no shame in finding your own little shaded spot to close your eyes and meditate on the fine-dining eats you’re about to feast on.

Wine and dine

It’s time to fuel up with some fancy carbs, and what could be better than some homemade, handcrafted pasta? Head to Scarpetta, a little slice of Italian heaven created by fan-fave Chopped judge and James Beard award-winning chef Scott Conant. Inside, sleek white and gold interiors set off wall-to-wall window views of ocean and seas of hotel pool. That Miami Spice menu is going to come in clutch right about now because you’re about to experience the greatest three-course, Italian meal you’ll ever feast your eyes and tastebuds on. (Sorry, Olive Garden). Besides their signature spaghetti, one item to definitely check out is the beef short rib agnolotti. Those little pockets of buttery perfection are a gift unto themselves, and that coconut panna cotta is going to leave you feeling fine, refreshed and ready for another taste of that guava “soup.”

Now that you’re belly is full, saunter on over to Lure Fish Bar for a nautical-themed nightcap. Tucked away inside the Loews Hotel, this restaurant bar serves up classic, New England-style vibes and a killer specialty cocktail menu with kitschy drink names like “Catch And Release” and “Under The Boardwalk.” Order yourself a drink and savor the killer day you just experienced in your own backyard.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
The WhereBy.Us Creative Studio helps clients big and small engage locals, through campaigns that use creative marketing, storytelling, events, and activations to build community, conversation, and impact.