Say hello to Veza Sur, Wynwood’s newest brewery

When you first walk in to Veza Sur Brewing Co., you’re going to feel transported – this brewery is filled with books, plants, and tons of sunlight. Above the bar of reclaimed wood from the Dominican Republic is a mini-library of knick-knacks and books about beer.

Above all those books are the menus – a beer menu and a beer-cocktail menu concocted by Bar Lab guys, the geniuses behind The Anderson and The Broken Shaker.

Wynwood’s newest watering hole has a full menu of brews inspired by the employees’ time living in Latin America. German Brewmaster, Asbjorn Gerlach (pronounced As-bee-orn), spent 16 years living in Chile traveling and making beer. And he’s come to Miami to introduce us to chope, a Brazilian style of serving lager. Gerlach took us behind the scenes.