Weekend Happy Haps, Aug. 12 to 14

We thought summer was supposed to be the “slow season” in Miami, but this weekend is LIT. Seriously there is almost too much to do. There goes those plans we made to stay in, leisure read, and binge watch Stranger Things, because there’s just no way we are about to miss these events.  This line up has us walking into the weekend like…


Friday, Aug. 12

Wynwood Farmer’s Market: What hipster neighborhood would be complete without a farmer’s market? Where else would you get those obscure ingredients to make that new vegan dish you saw on Tumblr? And this one is complete with a jazz performance and tropical fruit tasting. OK, fine, you sold us. 

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Fam Fest: This annual two-day festival is hosted by the Flipside Kings, legendary b-boy crew. It will have a little something for everybody, but especially those with a love of hip-hop. For two days the community will get a taste of visual art, dance, film, theatrical performances, workshops, live music, and an international breakdance competition. We see you, fam. 

Popcorn Frights Film Festival- Opening Night Party at Wynwood Yard: The Fright Film Festival is coming to Miami and bringing with it all night terrors, creepy crawlers, unknown horrors that hide beneath your bed, psycho ass clowns, and slasher nightmares. For the horror film enthusiasts, this is the start of something beautiful and grotesque. The kick-off party will be hosted at The Wynwood Yard. We’ve already braved Zika, so what’s a scary movie or two? 

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The ’90s Flashback Fest and Costume Contest: Now you have an excuse to dust off those thick rope gold chains, bamboo earrings, Kangol bucket hats, extra baggy pants, and crazy colorful print jackets because there’s a throwback party and you might even win $100. With four stages of non-stop ’90s music, it will transport you to a time when age wasn’t nothing but a number and we were all chasing waterfalls. 

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FOMO Party: What do you get when local legends like Afrobeta, Cog Nomen, Otto von Schirach, and Spam Allstars come together to party and share music with the masses? We don’t know but it sounds EPIC. The FOMO will be super real if you skip this one. 

giphy (6)

Shake-N-Skate: We’ve been talking a lot lately about missing the old school skate parties. The shorts, the high socks, the music, the dance moves on wheels…It was the good old days. But it seems you can relive those days again at Super Wheels for the grown folks version of a teenage classic. 

giphy (7)

Saturday, Aug. 13

Las Ilustres at Butter Gallery: For 10 years Butter Gallery has been showcasing Miami’s best talent, often before they took the international stage. With Las Ilustres the works of some of our city’s best up and coming Latina women are celebrated. With names like Nicole Salgar, Tatiana Suarez, and Amliv Sotomayer, this will be undoubtedly be one of the best exhibitions of the year. And we’re here for representing the queens doing their thing. 

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Moonlighter One Year Birthday BBQ: We love Moonlighter and we have no shame in admitting it. They brought Miami a very cool concept of providing a space for creative collaboration, personal manufacturing, and engaging in the design process. It’s a place for makers to really make and we dig that. So let’s celebrate and co-create with them, and of course nom on some BBQ.

giphy (11)

The Wizard of Oz on 35mm in Technicolor: If you don’t like the Wizard of Oz we can’t be friends. It’s like not liking puppies or chocolate or Neil Degrasse Tyson. And to see this certified classic on 35 mm in technicolor sounds rather awesome. (Hint: Date night?) Only good reason to miss it is if a house lands on you.

giphy (12)

Frankie Says: Saturday Poolside at The Confidante: We don’t know who Frankie is but I trust that guy. Young Metro also trusts that guy. So if he says come chill by the pool, listen to some great music, and sip on some dranks at the Confidante, we’re gonna go with it. Solid suggestion from my man Frankie. 

giphy (22)

Loose Joints presents The Bass That Ate Wynwood: Never thought we’d say this, but we love a loose joint. At least this kind of loose joint. Because in this case they bring the boom. Instead of describing it we will give you their official description. “MIAMI. BASS. GRAMPS. WYNWOOD.”

giphy (13)

Sunday, Aug. 14

Erotic City: The Legacy of Prince and the Social Dream of Brown & Black Queer World Making: Not gonna lie, we are still not over the death of the Great One. Probably never will be. But this tribute to him and all the other beautiful, queer brown and black folks that have come to shape the world at the closing of MOCA’s exhibit Intersectionality  may help.

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Stiltsville & Key Biscayne Sunset Cruise with Dr. George We would get on the Titanic even knowing its fate if it was with Dr. George, one of Miami’s most knowledgeable and charismatic humans who has schooled us all on Magic City history. OK, maybe not the Titanic, but getting to pick his brain, especially on a sunset tour of Key Biscayne and Stiltsville, sounds rather dreamy. 

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Trivia Night at Books & Books: A trivia night at a bookstore is about as nerdy as you can get. So yeah, sign us up! Join fellow nerds with heads full of inane knowledge for a night of friendly competition at the best local bookstore in Miami.

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Back to School Family Day: It’s almost time for the kiddies to go back to school. No more having to figure out what to do with them and all that summer free time because they’re their teachers’ problem now (Insert evil laugh). But before you send them off, bring them out for a day of fun, learning, and bonding and get their brains revved up for the mission ahead. 

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Sunday Evening Jazz Downstairs in the Cellar: TBH, anything with the words “downstairs in the cellar” sounds a bit creepy, but we would take our chances if promised some good jazz in a sexy atmosphere. It’s pretty hard to find a good jazz club (except for Tuesdays at The Corner, which is the TRUTH) so we are definitely down to end the weekend on this chill note.  

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As always, keep it classy, cheers to the weekend and tag us in your photos from your adventures. Because we feel like we’re basically friends now.