22 ways to make the most of Miami living in 2022

Miami is known for its nightlife, trendy restaurants, crowded cafés, and sunny beaches. It’s a city teeming with great energy, but unfortunately, you’ve been using all of yours to take care of the myriad chores that seem to be multiplying at every turn. Plus, someone has to cook, right? There must be a better way — breathe! We have 22 ways for you to enjoy the magic in your Magic City life,  and a great solution to help you free up your time..

(This article is sponsored by Chef Bob’s Blast.)

  1. 🤤 The Solution: Simplify Your Life with Easier, Organic, Gourmet Meal Prep
    Chef Bob’s Blast is Made-in-Miami with organic and non-GMO ingredients sourced from around the world. Chef Bob’s Superfood Blends are a combination of superfoods, herbs and spices that allow you to make healthy and delicious meals in minutes. Our Blends are rich in B-vitamins, Iron (blood health), Zinc (immune support), Selenium (brain health), Copper (collagen and muscles) and more. With four blends, breakfast, lunch and dinner become a Blast! All of their blends are Vegan, non-GMO, Gluten-free, dairy-free, Keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly. Click right here to get your TNT discount code.
  2. 💦 Ride Om at Element Aqua
    Trade sweating at the gym for getting wet in the pool at Element Aqua. This spot offers aqua boxing, aqua barre, aqua cycling, aqua circuit, aqua jumping, and aqua strength training. You’ll be sculpting your body with the added resistance of H20 on the gorgeous rooftop of the Cynergi Condominium building located smack dab in the heart of Miami. 45 minutes of training will get your legs in shape to walk across the street to Spanglish Craft Cocktail Bar + Kitchen, where you can sip that well-deserved Caipirinha Frizá. 
  3. 🤩 Treat Yourself Like a Celeb
    Nothing says zen in the 305 like a day of pampering at the Four Seasons. Whether taking a dip in the pool or having a Destination Spa Package, complete with body scrub, body therapy, and hydrafacial treatment, the Four Seasons will have you feeling like a celebrity on vacation in your own backyard. We know this kind of luxury can cause a hit to your wallet, but once in a while, it’s a great idea to let loose and treat yourself. 
  4. 🐈🐕 Downward with a Dog or get your Meowmaste on
    How cute would it be to get a dog or cat to do yoga poses with you? Can you imagine?! Well, Green Monkey is the place that holds events that make this possible in order to raise awareness of Miami’s homeless animals. They also offer daily yoga classes sans animals, such as Vinyasa + Meditation, Weekend Warrior and Yoga After Dark. 
  5. 💑 Tantra for Two
    Nurture your romantic health in a veritable love nest, with toys, candles, music, feathers, aromatherapy oils, a bathing ceremony, and more at Tantra.Miami, a safe place where a certified tantra coach will teach you how to tap into mindfulness, movement, deep heartfelt connections, and spiritual experiences. (In other words, things that easily get lost in the mix navigating Miami traffic every day.)
  6. 🚴 Bike a Secret Garden Tour
    Explore Coconut Grove by taking a Dade Heritage Trust bike tour, where you’ll see some of the most beautiful gardens around the neighborhood. Beyond the virtue of taking in beautiful views, proceeds from your ticket will help raise funds for the Commodore Trail. Make sure to register for the after party, where the wine and appetizers will flow freely in one of the gardens.
  7. 🐠 Hold Your Breath for Your Health
    When done properly, freediving has myriad benefits: increased oxygen efficiency, improved cognitive function, strengthened and toned muscles… all things each of us could use more of. And there’s no better place to dive into this type of training in Miami than South Beach Divers. Stick with the regiment long enough and you can explore the shipwrecks and watch our fishies close up as they dart in and out of our beautiful reefs.
  8. 👠 Train Like a Victoria Secret Model
    54D is a nine-week (6 days a week for 54 days), results-based transformation program that combines high intensity training with custom nutrition, community and a “recovery” therapy that involves healing compression boots along with cryotherapy chambers to relieve muscle soreness after. It’s not easy, more is it inexpensive. Which is why you won’t be surprised if you find yourself training next to Victorian Secret model Adriana Lima or former MLB shortstop A-Rod, converts of the 54D discipline.
  9. 💰 Take Stress Off and Invest in Yourself and the Planet
    The average person does not find the subject of finance sexy. In fact, it can be a major source of stress, which is anything but healthy!  That’s where a quality investor comes in — however, they’re a dime a dozen in Miami, so how do you find a good one? If the environment is important to you, Northern Trust offers an investment solution called “Sustainable Investing,” which integrates climate objectives into the investment process and actively engages with companies confronting climate change.
  10. 🔮 Your Year of Magical Thinking
    Head to the quaint neighborhood of Buena Vista and take a Manifesting Magick Class. Does it sound hokey? Maybe, but stick with it and you’ll see the practice is sound. You will learn how to perform a manifestation, which means thinking about the intangible in a way that you can, well, manifest it in real life through attraction and belief. If you think it, it will come.
  11. 💧 Mediate in a Miami Urbanscape
    In the middle of Downtown, tucked away behind the rubble and roar of constant construction, is the unlikely oasis that is the Paul S. Walker Urbanscape. Once you open the ornate butterfly gate to this little space, you’ll feel like you discovered a secret getaway. It has tables and chairs along with foliage and even a waterfall to add to the ambiance. It’s rarely crowded, and makes for the perfect place to sit down and collect your thoughts while listening to water cascade down the textured walls. 
  12. 💃 Salsa the Night Away
    Ball & Chain is an iconic Little Havana restaurant and nightclub that opened in the 1930’s and reigned until the ‘50s. Now, it’s a great dancing cove with live Latin and jazz music, and a DJ who will teach you how to tango between your sips of mojitos and bites of queso frito. Close your eyes and you’re almost in Cuba. If the spirit moves you, grab a tambourine from the music box and shake, rattle and roll. 
  13. 🏖️ Join the Beach Blast Partying
    Yes it’s cliché, yes it’s packed with tourists, but the bottom line is Nikki Beach is fun. It’s hard to beat a dance party in the sand anywhere, and when you’re surrounded by palm trees, glittering stars, and the ocean’s cool breeze, a great party becomes an unforgettable one. Day or night, this venue demands a dance. 
  14. 🎶 Dance to Made-In-Miami Music
    Afrobeta is Miami’s avant-dance duo that’s built a dedicated following over the years. If you want to get your heartbeat revving up to 100mph, be sure to check out their music on Bandcamp and wherever music is streamed. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled to find the duo performing their genre-blending tunes (think Latin pop, reggaeton, folk and rock) at South Florida venues (not to mention music festivals across the globe). We dare you to try to sit still when their music is playing. 
  15. Putt Happiness Back into Your Life
    Yes, we mean Putt. As in Putt Putt golf. Puttshack will open its doors in Brickell City Center above the Luna Park Food Hall this spring. There will be three high-tech, wildly inventive 9-hole courses along with high-tech balls that keep score as well as good food and quality drinks. Not only can you drink beer and putt, you can putt straight into a Beer Pong hole. Other holes, like Putt-a-Mole, Wheel of Fortune, Trivia will get your heart pumping to the beat of ding-ding-ding! Oh, and if you’re looking for family-friendly fun, kids are welcome, too! 
  16.  🐕 Walk the Dog
    Miami has plenty of dog parks to choose from, but the Coconut Grove Dog Park has bay views, an ocean breeze, and separate areas for big and small dogs, meaning your Saint Bernard will stand a fighting chance against that fierce Chihuahua! The dog areas have ramps and tunnels, with working gate stops and solid fences. Plus, there are trails for the two-leggeds to bike and run
  17. 🏄 Surf without Waves
    We’re all allowed to cut corners every once in a while — if you’ve never been able to conquer surfing using a standard surfboard, this electronic alternative might be for you. Miami Beach Paddle Board will have you gliding across the water at 26 mph in no time, and they’re as easy to ride as a jet ski.
  18.  🥰 Heal from the Inside Out
    Baptist Health is a great place to start if you’re ready to tinker with your mental health and bring it to a better place. They offer a wide range of free —  real and virtual —  mental health support groups and workshops to the South Florida community. Want to look good and feel better? Check. Think it’s finally time to quit smoking? Check. Need support with bereavement, depression, disease issues? Check. Sometimes the best way to heal is to talk about what needs to be healed first.
  19. 😅 Sweat it Out, Kick it Out, Move!
    In need of a little Zumba, Tai Chi, Boca Ballet Theatre Virtual Movement, Kickboxing, Pilates, Cardio Strength, or Stretching? Baptist Health has heaps of fun, effective nutritional and fitness classes and courses for folks living in South Florida. All you have to do is click, search and set up a time
  20. ⛸️ Coolest Hobby in Town
    Ice skating in Miami? Well, yeah — how else are you going to cool off?! Learn how to glide and score a goal with hockey lessons. Or, learn how to deftly slide across the ice with ice skating lessons. Or, heck, just take the whole family to the Kendall Ice Arena for some serious ice skating fun. 
  21. What’s More Fun than Soccer? Co-Ed Soccer
    See the title — these inclusive sport matches provide games for players of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. They are always organized, played in a good location with great equipment, and most importantly, played in a fun, friendly, non-judgmental environment with just the right amount of competitiveness. Games can be found at Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park, Kendall Soccer Park, Golazo Soccer Field and more. Check the International Co-ed Soccer Team Meet Up page to find out when and where. 
  22. 🏐 Pick You Ups at Pick Up Games
    If you’re looking to find a place to play basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, pickleball, badminton — or any pickup game that doesn’t require club membership — call your local park or visit Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation. You can also see what Show Up And Play Sports has posted for Magic City (the page is admittedly a bit clunky, but it has a lot of updated links to different kinds of Pick Up games).