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Hidden Histories

Hidden histories of Florida’s national parks

South Florida is the land of the strange, full of hidden mysteries. We’ve uncovered five lost tales about Florida’s national parks, from pirate treasure to a secret missile base.

Coconut Grove / March 16, 2021

School choice: Weighing the options

In Miami-Dade, more than half of the students this year attend a school outside of their neighborhood.

Politics / September 8, 2015

The bold and vibrant Zoetic Stage

The award-winning Zoetic Stage, and it’s new managing director Nicholas Richberg, is helping redefine Miami’s theater scene.

Art / August 14, 2015

Tropical comedy gold: Who to see and where to go

We chatted with some of our favorite Miami comedians to find where to go to get the best laughs.

Brickell / August 7, 2015

Weekend fun for the kid in you

Weekend fun for the kid in you

South Florida has so many places to have fun and feel like a kid all over again. Let’s revisit some of the best places to relive those golden childhood memories, whether you grew up here or not.

Things to do / July 17, 2015

Miami International Film Festival

Keeping Miami’s film scene indie

Miami is growing into a passionate film mecca, with independent cinemas festivals blooming. It’s part of the flourishing movement transforming Miami into a global artistic and cultural hub, but challenges threaten to stifle the fledgling indie film scene.

Art / July 9, 2015

Super Geek Film Festival

Supercon celebrates Miami’s film geeks

The Super Geek Film Festival is giving filmmakers of the nerdy variety a chance to show off their work, from fan films to film noir.

Art / June 23, 2015

Collin Worth

Collin Worth: Living the Bike Life

Collin Worth, Miami’s bicycle coordinator and transportation analyst, discusses what he’s doing to make Miami safe to bike.

People / June 16, 2015

Elizabeth Wheaton keeps Miami Beach above water

Keeping Miami Beach above water

As part of Miami Beach’s Environment & Sustainability Division, Elizabeth Wheaton is doing everything she can to keep the city from sinking.

Environment / June 10, 2015

Ask Abuela: What should I do with all these mangos?

What to do with all those mangos? Abuela and Abuelo know best.

Food / June 5, 2015