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6 things to know about Miami startups this week

Miami-Dade County’s mayor meets with Miami innovators, a Miami startup gets accepted into 500 Startups, and SpareDesk comes to the city.

Community / March 24, 2017

Momentum wants to get Miami’s real estate cash into startups’ hands

Investing in a startup can seem intimidating to companies in traditional sectors like real estate, where Miami’s serious cash lies. Momentum wants to demystify the process – and in the end, get more startups to launch here and stay here.

Funding / March 22, 2017

What to know about Miami startups this week

This week: A new domain name is born in Miami, South Florida’s health tech scene gets another win, and why 91 percent of tech professionals say they’d leave their current jobs.

News / March 17, 2017

Rokk3r Fuel wants to put a Miami stamp on companies with “exponential” potential

Rokk3r Fuel, a $150 million investment fund, will help close the funding gap on Miami’s startup scene.

Funding / March 14, 2017

There’s a new investment fund on the scene.

Rokk3r Labs is announcing the launch of Rokk3r Fuel, an investment fund that will seek to address South Florida’s lack of readily available venture capital.

News / March 9, 2017

The world’s premier community impact organization is finally opening up a Miami office

The goal of SVP is to gather wealthy partners and have them pool their funds to to give to local social impact organizations.

Funding / March 8, 2017

Hubspring hopes to end the hassles of managing a hospital department

Hubspring was borne out of frustration that supermarkets had better technology than hospitals, where people’s lives are in the balance.

Community / March 1, 2017

How South Florida is winning at health tech

The region is leading in everything from electronic health records management (EHR) to telehealth, with an accelerator running alongside all of it.

Community / February 26, 2017

Things to do on the startup scene this week

This post has been updated to reflect schedule changes. Monday, Feb. 27 Sea Level Rise And Civic Technology: An Open Discussion | Code for MIA — FIU’s Dr. Susan Jacobson will lead a brainstorming session on how Code for Miami and Miami coders in general can harness data and technology to further climate change preparation […]

Startups / February 26, 2017

Miami tech leaders say they need immigrants, Startup FIU is movin’ on up

This week, we heard a lot about the alleged culture of sexual harassment at Uber — first from a blog post from a former employee, then in a followup report from The New York Times.    As you may have heard, similar allegations have now been made in a lawsuit against Magic Leap. While South […]

News / February 23, 2017