Let’s make a Miami symphony together.

What does your Miami sound like?

The New World Symphony wants to turn the sounds of Miami into a city symphony. It’s called Project 305 and they need your help.

Here’s how it works:

Record the Miami you see and hear. The traffic, the birds, your morning coffee brewing, a child laughing, the shuffle of the dominoes, the whirring of a motorboat.

Then submit your audio and/or video clips in two ways:

Download the Project 305 app or go to to www.Project305.org

For the next 100 days — from Jan. 31 through May 19 — they’re collecting the sounds and sights you send in.

Composer Ted Hearne and filmmaker Jonathan Kane are working with New World Symphony’s artistic director Michael Tilson Thomas to turn the random noise and video into a city symphony and documentary, one that celebrates the day to day of the 305.

It will premiere during a live performance at the New World Center in October and also streamed in other locations around the county.  A video of the project will then be replayed all around Miami.

Wanna get involved? E-mail [email protected] and join the convo using #Project305 and @NWSymphony.