Women in Miami make 87 cents for every dollar a man makes. Fight back.

Today the average woman with a graduate degree makes 87 cents for every dollar a man makes despite a decades-long quest for equal pay. One in every five women in Miami-Dade are living in poverty conditions and could be lifted above that if they were simply paid as much as men doing the same jobs.

So it seemed obvious to The Women’s Fund that if they wanted to fight poverty, they had to fight the pay gap too. That’s how Equal Pay Miami-Dade got started. By 2020, they hope to cut the pay gap in half.

infographic on equal pay

Janet Altman is the Chair for The Women’s Fund.

“We’re getting closer to fairness, but at a slower rate,” Altman said. “So we need to act.”

They’ve launched a campaign to get companies to pledge to commit to paying female employees fairly. (We’ve already already signed up, and you can too – right here.)

equal pay miami dade

“The pay gap has been around, forever,” Altman said.

equal pay miami dade infographic

That why The Women’s Fund is hosting trainings to teach women how to approach their employers about their pay and how to ask if they are getting paid fairly. They’re also training companies to analyze how they pay workers and recognize whether they’re paying them equally.

“Women will have more opportunities to take care of the other areas of their lives,” Altman said.