Hear the authentic stories of Wynwood

GO TO THIS: Juggerknot Theatre Company is gearing up to celebrate the Wynwood neighborhood with its upcoming Wynwood Stories production. Starting April 16, the theater group will bring the neighborhood’s stories to life at the soon-to-be-closing Wynwood Yard.

During your theatrical journey, you’ll hear 11 stories based on the lives of people who lived in the neighborhood since 1917. In small groups, you’ll meet people like a Cuban seamstress, a developer, a hipster, and a graffiti artist who will share their stories from the neighborhood.

WHY TO TRY IT: Juggerknot partnered with The Wynwood Yard’s founder Della Heiman to highlight the history of the neighborhood and celebrate the impact the pop-up entrepreneurial hub has had on the city.      

“Wynwood has been many things to many people through time – a place to live, work, or be entertained – and there are many clashing truths and points of views about the neighborhood,” said playwright Juan C. Sanchez.

“As a playwright, I’m interested in exploring this complexity and its layers, but I’m equally interested in building community. My research has led me to the many different people who have shaped the neighborhood and while their personal stories and testimonies do support differing points of views, they also highlight where commonalties intersect – in the way they toil and live and struggle and dream – in that place of shared experience.”

MOST SURPRISING FACT: The show begins in 1917 when Wynwood used to be called Wyndwood Park. According to Miami History Blog, Josiah Chaille and Hugh Anderson took out the first plat in Wynwood on January 7th, 1917. The duo called the area Wyndwood. Shortly after, the City of Miami built a park in the neighborhood and dropped the “d.” The area was referred to as Wynwood Park and eventually everyone dropped the “Park.”   

CHECK IT OUT: Tickets for the immersive theater experience are $75 and include two drink tickets plus a cafecito. Students with a student ID can get $25 rush tickets on a first come, first serve basis 10 minutes before each show at the box office.  

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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