Here’s 8 ways to make Miami your gym

Whether it’s LA Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp or Soulcycle there are plenty of gyms and options for getting fit in the 305. But if you’re not a fan of pricey classes or monthly memberships, those might not be your scene.

That’s where we come in.

We went out to Museum Park in downtown Miami with fitness trainer Jessica Bigio, owner of JustGoodNess, and she gave us and New Tropic reader Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon some first-hand tips on how to get fit and make Miami your gym any day of the week—well, maybe rainy days are an exception. 😉

1. Use a park bench or planter for step offs/step ons.


2. Step into the grass at a nearby park and get some squats and jumps going.

3. Push yourself with tricep dips on those handy-dandy benches.


4. Find a little hill or incline and do some squats and burpees (push-up and then jump up!)


 5. Use that same bench to do some box jumps. (Bonus points if you look as enthusiastic as Sarah did!).

6. Find some stairs and go up and down ’em a few times to get your heart rate going. 

7. Then stretch those muscles a little deeper with some lunges.

8. Wrap up your workout with another variation of step offs/step ons. 

This whole workout only took 20 minutes, which you can easily squeeze in between your morning cafecito and a trip to the beach.

Other tips? Jessica said the key is to avoid busy roads, try to get near the water and find shady spots if you can. Most importantly: Grab a good pair of sneakers. 

These moves might seem a little complicated, but Jessica says don’t worry: “Our mind learns it first then we have to teach the body.”

Sarah agreed when she thought about her awesome box jump: “It’s a mental thing. I’m looking like ‘Sarah, that thing could hurt your shins!” But once you do it, you realize it’s not that bad.”

If you’re interested in working with Jessica she does a bootcamp at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach! Follow her on Instagram for more info!