Joseph Beauvil

District 108


CEO of Grace and Mercy Immigration Services

Former monitoring assistant with Haiti’s Refugee Migration Affairs unit

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House District 108 runs north  from 36th Street up to the Biscayne River area. It goes east from Northwest 17th Avenue toward Biscayne Bay. It includes areas like Liberty City, Little River, El Portal and Biscayne Park.

The seat is up again, after only two years, because of statewide redistricting in 2016.

Instead of a formal questionnaire we decided to share the candidates’ positions on a few key issues based on questions we received from you, our readers.

Joseph is a political newcomer who has worked to assist immigrants in both Haiti and South Florida. He worked in Haiti’s Refugee Migration Affairs unit, and is the founder of an immigration services company. He said that bringing funds to the district, advocating for better education and preventing crime are some of his main priorities.

Joseph’s opponents are Roy Hardemon and Dotie Joseph.

Gun reform

Statement from his website: “17 people had to die in Parkland, Florida in order for the legislature to pass very weak gun control measures that did not go far enough.  I will introduce measures that will better secure our schools and make other public places a lot safer.”

Crime prevention

Statement from his website: “I will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to reduce crime through community policing, community alerts, before and after school social programs.”


Statement from his website: “I will support initiatives that protect the environment, including our readiness to face rising sea level and other flood generating events.”

Criminal justice

We couldn’t find a public statement from the candidate on the issue.

Voter Restoration Act

Supports the act. Here’s a statement from his website: “I will introduce legislation to help our correction and rehabilitation departments do a better job re-integrating our ex-offenders into society.”

Medical and recreational marijuana

We couldn’t find a public statement from the candidate on the issue.