Michael Grieco

District 113



Former Miami Beach commissioner

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House District 113 stretches from Little Havana to Biscayne Bay, then across the water to the entire city of Miami Beach and North Bay Village. It’s up for grabs as Rep. David Richardson is running for U.S. Congress.

Instead of a formal questionnaire we decided to share the candidates’ positions on a few key issues based on questions we received from you, our readers.

Michael Grieco is an attorney and former Miami Beach commissioner who served one term before attempting a run for mayor of Miami Beach last year. His campaign was derailed when he got caught accepting illegal campaign donations after denying his involvement in a political action committee that was raising funds for his mayoral run. He was placed on one-year probation last October that would’ve kept him from running, but asked for a reduction to six months and got it. He prides himself on being a “pothole” politician who cares about even the smallest concerns from constituents and he has also placed on emphasis on crime prevention and combating climate change.

Grieco’s opponents are Kubs Lalchandani and Deede Weithorn.

Gun reform

He opposes the actions of the NRA and said “its lobbyists and spokespeople, have done irreparable damage to Florida and the country.” He opposed arming school employees with guns and thinks more should be done to close loopholes that allow for people to purchase guns illegally. Grieco also thinks that municipalities should be able to regulate assault weapons sales in their boundaries.

Crime prevention

He is in favor of more police visibility in the district and a preventative policing model “where instead of waiting for calls for service and swarming to an arrest our police are in constant, visible motion with the car windows down making contact with bad guys.”


In a video on his campaign Facebook page he’s noted environmental issues as a major part of his campaign: “I spent the last five years trying to protect our beaches, our parks, our families and our waterways from environmental disasters and littler. Climate change is real, sea level rise is real. These are real things, that need real people giving real solutions up in Tallahassee.”

Criminal justice

He’s stated his opposition to private prisons and said he won’t accept contributions from the companies or contractors.

Voter Restoration Act

He’s expressed support for the act.

Medical and recreational marijuana

He’s spoken in support of medical marijuana and making it available for those who need the drug. As a commissioner he hosted a discussion about medical marijuana and its regulation.