July 25 Special Election Primary: Senate District 40 and House District 116

The July 25 special election primary will decide the Democratic and Republican candidates for Florida Senate District 40 and House District 116.

Back in April, former Florida Sen. Frank Artiles, a Republican, was pushed to resign from his seat after making sexist, racist comments about his colleagues. That has opened up not just his seat, but House District 116; former Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, also a Republican, resigned from the House to run for the District 40 seat.

Gov. Rick Scott called a special election to fill the vacancies. That’s happening Tuesday, July 25.

There are six candidates vying to represent District 40: three Republicans, two Democrats, and one with no party affiliation (Christian “He-Man” Schlaerth). This primary will have just the Republicans and Democrats.

Meanwhile, there are three running for District 116: two Republicans and one Democrat.

Not sure if you live in either district? Fill out your basic voter information here. The race(s) will show up in the “future elections” section if you do.  Plus, here’s a list of EARLY polling locations and times, a list of polling spots for Tuesday, July 25, and your sample ballot.

The general election is Sept. 26.