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The Miami Map Fair is back. These are the 6 coolest maps on display.

HistoryMiami Museum’s Miami International Map Fair is back in town this weekend. And it’s pretty dope.

/ February 2, 2017

Mapping imagination

How does the brain understand faraway places? We sat down with Dr. Catherine L. Newell to learn how maps can help navigate humans through uncharted lands, from fantasy worlds in Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to the greatest unknown — outer space.

/ February 2, 2016

Matthew Toro and Miami Geographic

To illustrate the reality of living in Miami-Dade County, Matthew Toro of Miami Geographic is transforming raw data into stunning maps.

/ August 31, 2015

Maps and Charts: Miami Parks

How does Miami compare to other cities when it comes to land use, spending and accessibility of parks? Join us on a deeper data dive into some of Miami’s most important public spaces.

/ May 6, 2015

Maps and Charts: Crashes around I-95 Express

In collaboration with WLRN’s “End of the Road” project, we analyzed, mapped, and charted crashes in and around I-95 express lanes using Florida Department of Transportation data from 2005 to 2012. See where and when crashes occur, and find out what time you’re most likely to be in a crash on this well-traveled stretch of I-95.

/ February 16, 2015