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New Season: Micromusicals

7 Shipping Containers · 8 Original 15 Minute Plays · $6 per play · Bar & Foodtrucks · Until November 18th · Happy Hour Thursday · From October 18th to November 18th New Season coming up!! Microtheater Miami is launching 9 new short plays in English and Spanish for it’s successful “MICROMUSICALS” season. Come sing and […]

/ October 18, 2018


Join us for South Florida’s first ever plant based party! Enjoy a night of vegan food, local vendors, brews & beverages, live music, speakers, entertainment, and more! General admission tickets are on sale now and come with a complimentary Swag Bag filled with $50+ of free product samples!

/ August 29, 2018


Venture is to try new things, experiment, and hear a side of Miami you’ve never heard before. Going away from the norm, we’re bringing together rap and dance music. Vendors and artists will be interactive. It’s a peak of the young underground music scene locals seem to miss.

/ September 20, 2018

New Season: Miami is HOT at Microtheater Miami

7 Shipping Containers · 7 Original 15 Minute Plays · $6 per play · Bar & Foodtrucks · Until August 5th New Season coming up!! “Miami is Hot” is launching 7 new original plays this Thursday, July 5th with a special offer! Get 1 free beer with the purchase of 2 tickets and remember our […]

/ July 3, 2018

Late to pretty much everything? Just blame it on Miami Time

For anyone in Miami who’s ever showed up late to a meeting, an event, or to your own birthday party, know that you’re not alone.

/ June 27, 2018

The defining Miami question: “What high school did you go to?”

It’s the question everyone in Miami has asked or been asked (and been judged for), what high school did you go to?

/ June 13, 2018