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Miami Fashion Spotlight: Ashley Brozic

Ashley Brozic is Miami through-and-through, and she has big goals in fashion and media. As the editor of Racked Miami, she’s serving local fashion fans and raising our profile with trendsetters and retailers in the fashion big leagues of NYC. “I’m not ready to ditch my city just yet. Every time I try to move away, something has kept me here. I think it’s a sign that this is where I am supposed to be.”

/ March 31, 2015

20 years of Spam Allstars: A look back at one of Miami’s best bands

The Spam Allstars have been defining Miami’s music scene since 1995, blending classic Latin and Caribbean influences with fresh electronic experimentation in a distinctly Miami mélange that has made them popular the world over and made them our city’s quintessential local band. Get to know these great musicians, learn their backstory, and celebrate 20 years of Spam at an anniversary concert on March 25.

/ March 24, 2015

Miami Fashion Spotlight: Angeles Almuna

Angeles Almuna is a fashion triple-threat. She photographs, she designs, she styles, and she is taking Miami by storm. She’s working at New York Fashion Week this week, so we caught up with her about her inspiration, fashion in Miami, and what’s next for her.

/ February 19, 2015