3 ways to get you and your kid active in South Florida

Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to happen in the gym or with a group. Being active can be just taking a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood or having a mini-dance party in your kitchen. 

Add a young kiddo into the mix and for some, suddenly your gym time turns into baby time. Parents Magazine put together a fun list of quick in-the-house activity ideas to get you and your little ones moving.   

Here are a few kid-friendly activity options to get you out of the house:


Baby Boot Camp 

When you hear the words ‘baby boot camp’ you might think of your little one doing push-ups with a pacifier in hand.

Babe Boot Camp is a 60-minute stroller fitness class that is designed for moms of all fitness levels, including pregnant moms and new moms. The interval-based classes offer a total body workout.

With a mission statement like “we prioritize family and relationships” and “we support connection and growth in our communities” you know you’ll leave your workout refreshed and with the support of a community of like-minded moms. #MomGoals

Baby Boot Camp offers classes throughout the week at Dadeland Mall and in Coconut Grove. First class is free. 


Gym Kidz Gymnastics 

With locations in North Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Pembroke Pines, you won’t have to do backflips to find a nearby gymnastics gym. 

Gym Kids works to improve your little gymnasts’ flexibility, coordination, and physical strength while also building a child’s confidence and self-esteem. 

Open since 2002, the organization works with kids of all ages and levels. Fall classes are starting soon, so reach out to the gym if you want to get your kids off the couch and onto the balance beam. 



After five minutes of running around FunDimension’s multi-level playground in Wynwood, your kids will never want to leave. 

There’s something for all ages at this place – they have laser tag, a bungee dome, bumper cars, and arcade games. This15,000-square-foot indoor facility makes it an ideal rainy day or hot day activity. 

They also have an assortment of deals – like Mondays are 30% off all games and attractions. 

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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