Why integration beats gentrification

Can Miami grow without losing its soul? We’ve seen what happens when communities are displaced by gentrification. With neighborhoods like Little River on the verge of transformation, let’s challenge that narrative.

/ November 29, 2015

More about Brickell’s Well of Ancient Mysteries

In the middle of Brickell, surrounded by high-rises, there’s a house with a story to tell, and a man who’s spent decades discovering it.

/ October 13, 2015

Get on the Underline with Meg Daly

Meg Daly is transforming the land under the Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park and urban trail. Learn how to help Miami’s most ambitious new park project.

/ September 16, 2015

Learning the Miami schlep

Getting from point A to point B is one of those constant Miami struggles, especially without a car. Here’s one take on learning the Miami schlep, and why it’s not for the faint of heart.

/ August 25, 2015

Tropical comedy gold: Who to see and where to go

We chatted with some of our favorite Miami comedians to find where to go to get the best laughs.

/ August 7, 2015

Local Spotlight: A Deeper Dive into Sidebar

Meet Jason Odio, the mind behind Sidebar Miami, one of Brickell’s favorite late night hot spots.

/ June 12, 2015

Your View: Prioritize cycling and connectivity with the Miami Loop

Over the past year, several high-profile trail and biking projects have gathered major public attention and energy. Architect and cycling advocate Mari Chael says that instead of picking between bike and pedestrian trail projects, Miamians should go all in and create the ‘Miami Loop.’

/ May 4, 2015

The next generation of Arquitectonica takes on their neighborhood

With daring designs and landmark buildings, Arquitectonica’s Fort family has been iconic on Miami’s skyline and around the globe for decades. Now, siblings Raymond and Marisa Fort are bringing the family’s attention to a smaller project that hits much closer to home — redeveloping their own neighborhood, Coconut Grove.

/ April 29, 2015

Miami history: What was there before?

Everything changes, including some beloved childhood haunts. Take a trip through some treasured spots in Miami’s past, from bakeries, to bowling alleys, to a center for snakes.

/ April 23, 2015

Take in the view from these Miami rooftops

It’s that magical time of year when skies are blue, the heat’s not here, and afternoon storms are still a few weeks away. We’ve got a plan to help you make the most of it. Grab a drink, share a meal, relax by a pool or dance the night away on these fabulous Miami rooftops.

/ April 10, 2015