Meet our member: Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall

Today we’re continuing our series on the people who make what we do possible — our supporting members. ❤️ Today we’re featuring Helen Marshall from Edgewater.

Where in town might people run into you? Depends on the day of the week. On the weekends I’m at Coconut Grove Sailing Club working on my sailing skillz or down at the Lobster Shack south of Fifth working on my froze drinking skillz. During the week people might run into me in Midtown. I love popping over there for lunch. Salumeria, Sugarcane, and Sakaya Kitchen are some of my faves.

What local business do you think deserves a shoutout (and why)? Pebble and Vine in Miami Shores. I love their selection of house plants and pots and that it’s owned by sisters! #girlpower @pebbleandvine. Make a morning of it and stop in at Proper Sausage across the street for a breakfast sandwich after you stock up on plants.

What’s a local event you went to recently that you loved? The opening night of The Nutcracker! I love the SoFlo touches they put on the set and costume design. It’s a beautiful production.

What made you decide to become a member of The New Tropic? I’ve been following y’all since you started and I appreciate being able to stay up-to-date on local politics, events, and happenings by reading your headlines and diving into your write-ups when something tickles my fancy. It’s like theSkimm for Miami!

What’s something you’re working on that you could use help with? I’m a fundraiser (everybody’s favorite “f” word) for Audubon Florida and cover most of the state of Florida investing people in our mission. I have a hard time in South Florida, in particular, connecting people with our conservation mission.There are so many worthy causes to support in Miami. Standing out in the crowd is not easy. How do you get people interested in a cause without throwing a big gala? I tried hosting small gatherings, like Jeffersonian Dinners, but they didn’t really lead to further dialogue with folks. Any ideas?

If you only have one meal left in Miami, where are you going? My Tia-Abuela’s house in Hialeah because she’s the best cook in Miami. Change my mind.

What’s a recent story you’ve read about Miami that you wish more people cared about? This isn’t Miami specific, but it’s important for us to pay attention. I read an article, not too long ago, about the legislature establishing an Office of Resiliency in Florida. We went from a state that wouldn’t use the phrase “climate change” in any official documents, to one that’s ready to address one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. What we do now will determine how future generations survive and thrive in our city in the future. We have an opportunity to be leaders by being forward thinking about what our infrastructure needs will be as sea level rises for wildlife and people.

What’s your perfect day in our city? Wake up when I feel like it. Go for a wog (walk/jog) over the Venetian. Have a cup of espresso on my balcony and watch the birds and manatees playing in the bay. Head out to brunch, Gregory’s at the Vagabond is my new favorite spot. Then do a little shopping at Fly Boutique. Take a nap at some point. Then watch the sunset on my balcony with a martini, some friends, and some music playing in the background. The short version is wake up with an espresso on my balcony and end my day with a martini on my balcony.

What does it mean to you to live like you live here? It means two things: getting involved and exploring. I’m currently a member of the Junior League of Miami and I’m on the young professionals board for the Foundation for New Education Initiatives. I’m coming up on a decade in Miami and getting involved was an important part of me staying here instead of going back to Jacksonville. It also means exploring every part of our community from the beach, to the food scene, to the museums, to the parks, and the natural places that make Miami so beautiful. This city has so much to offer beyond the glitz and the glamour that people think of when they think of Miami.

What are you celebrating in your life right now? I’m celebrating the roaring 20’s. Let’s do this!

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