Meet the brave Miamians taking on their wellness goals

Last month we asked you to tell us your wellness goals and things you want to accomplish this year. We received dozens of ambitious entries and chose six participants who we’ll be following over the next few months. We’re going to connect them with people and resources in the community to help them, and cheer them on as they take on wellness goals big and small.

P.S. If you weren’t chosen, don’t worry! We’re putting together additional tips for how to get fit without joining a gym, how to eat healthy on a budget and more—so stay tuned.

Now, say hi to our first batch of wellness participants: Valerie, Chris and Cecelia.

Valerie Trueba
Wellness goal: To become more flexible so she can practice things like yoga and pilates.

“Right now if I try to do yoga or pilates, I end up leaving really angry just because I can’t do it. They’re on step eight and I’m still stuck on step one, and it’s just really frustrating to do that.”


Chris Scott
Wellness goal: To lose weight, improve his overall wellness, and run a half marathon.

“My doctor said I need to get healthy just so I don’t go insane.”


Cecelia Smith
Wellness goal: To improve posture and overall mental and physical wellness.

“What else is out there that could help remind me to be better about looking away from the computer, getting up and moving around, sitting up straight, so that I don’t just go home and flop into a puddle.”


We’ll introduce you to the rest of the participants next week. In the meantime, do you have suggestions for experts or resources in Miami who can help these folks reach their goals? Let us know at [email protected].