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Pop-Ups for Change: Miami

POP-UPS FOR CHANGE is an experiential event series presented by Kim & Roses, SPC. We are creating a unique community movement around the country through entrepreneurship, entertainment, and civic engagement for social change. Join us 8/11 for a day party that celebrates locals who want to do good through their talents, passions, and entrepreneurship. ***FREE […]

/ July 31, 2018

You’ve got a lot of feelings after this election. Get to work.

There’s a lot you can do locally with all the emotions this election has stirred up. Here are a few resources.

/ November 9, 2016

Your View: ¿Que Pasa, Hialeah? wants to help people fall in love with their city

Millennials are taking the reins in Hialeah, turning their love-hate relationship with the city into strictly a love match.

/ June 22, 2016

Only two of your commissioners showed up to talk about where their money comes from

There’s a gaping loophole in financial disclosures for local politicians and candidates. One commissioner wants to close it. The others seem less excited.

/ March 28, 2016

Curing Miami’s apathy

Miami has been labeled the least civically engaged city in the country. How did we become so apathetic to our own community? And what can we do to change that?

/ February 8, 2016

Bringing Civic Back

There’s a clear winner in Miami-Dade’s local elections — apathy. But there are people out there trying to raise the 20% voter turnout rate.

/ September 23, 2015

How Ana Colls is building a more civically active Miami

When Ana Colls came to Miami to follow her passion for public service, she found it hard to get connected. So she decided to build what she wanted to see in the city. Find out how Colls is working with New Leaders Council and Women’s Movement Now to build a more civically engaged Miami.

/ March 2, 2015