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Michael Grieco

Michael Grieco is running for state House District 113 in the Aug. 28 election in Miami.

/ August 9, 2018

What questions do you have about this year’s Miami Beach elections?

Sea level rise and tourism versus livability are two of the big Miami Beach issues we’re thinking about this election. What questions do you have about this election?

/ October 4, 2017

How Miami Beach can lead South Florida’s safe place initiatives

As the third of its kind in the country, the Miami Beach Police Department’s Safe Place Initiative helps local businesses show solidarity with its LGBTQ patrons.

/ August 13, 2017

The Miami Beach ordinance taking anti-bullying prevention beyond the school system

There’s an anti-bullying ordinance on the horizon that could take current prevention policies in Miami Beach school systems citywide.

/ July 30, 2017

Urban Beach Weekend: When will Miami Beach value black tourists?

Webber Charles: Until Miami Beach is honest about the role racism plays in their policing and politicians embrace the value of black tourism, we won’t reach any constructive solutions.

/ June 6, 2017

Urban Beach Weekend: Why it needs to end

City Commissioner Michael Grieco says Urban Beach Weekend has been forcing residents to flee or lock their doors for more than 17 years. It needs to end.

/ June 6, 2017