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Video: Redesigning the Rickenbacker with Plan Z

Architect Bernard Zyscovich has (another) plan for Miami. But this time, instead of building upwards, he’s building outwards. Plan Z is the latest proposal in an effort to knock Miami off the list of most dangerous cities to walk or bike in the country. The comprehensive transportation plan aims to change the Rickenbacker’s notoriety for […]

/ February 1, 2019

5 tips for avoiding Sunday’s Miami Marathon traffic woes

If you’re trying to get to the marathon or stay as far away from it as possible, check out our tips on traffic, road closures and the best way to get to the race.

/ January 19, 2018

Your View: We have 100 Great Ideas for the future of transit

The typical methods for civic engagement are stale. 100 Great Ideas is working to change that — and apply it to our transit system.

/ June 13, 2016

Lyft and Uber are finally legal

After two years of back and forth, at the end of a nine hour commission meeting, Lyft and Uber were finally legalized in Miami Dade.

/ May 3, 2016

How Latin America kicks our ass on transit

If Miami is the “Capital of Latin America,” why don’t our transit systems measure up? We’re exploring what we can learn from Mexico City and Bogota, and what’s holding Miami back.

/ February 2, 2016

Learning the Miami schlep

Getting from point A to point B is one of those constant Miami struggles, especially without a car. Here’s one take on learning the Miami schlep, and why it’s not for the faint of heart.

/ August 25, 2015

Transit Troubles and Solutions

There’s a new committee in Miami-Dade, and they’re considering solutions to our transit woes, from bringing light rail to Miami Beach, to finding better ways to connect Downtown with the sprawl south of Dadeland. Find out what the Transportation Solutions Committee is proposing for Miami, and what sort of challenges lay ahead.

/ July 20, 2015

Gridlock: What can fix the Miami traffic problem?

The struggle is real. One study says that Miami drivers can expect to lose an extra 47 hours on the road per year, and almost a thousand dollars in extra costs because of gridlock. Transit advocates, agencies and elected officials weigh in on what it will take to fix Miami traffic problems.

/ May 21, 2015

What you should know from yesterday’s Miami transit summit

We spent the day yesterday at the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust Transportation Summit learning about the big-picture plans for how we move around. We’re breaking down five projects we think every Miamian should know.

/ January 23, 2015