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Miami Book Fair 2020: 5 questions with Charles A. Flink on a greener Miami

What can we learn about protecting green spaces? Here’s our interview with an expert on the topic who’s spent 35 years endeavoring to build greener cities.

/ November 19, 2020

Why right now is the ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment for commuter rail in Miami

When you imagine Miami’s many amenities, mass transit isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. … But could that change now?

/ September 2, 2020

August 2020 Primary Election Guide

Our August 2020 Primary Election Guide is out and ready for you to research the candidates.

/ August 3, 2020

12 Best Bike Paths and Trails in Miami

You survived the Miami winter. Now get out there and enjoy our beautiful weather.

/ July 25, 2020

Members: We want to feature you! (2021 pandemic edition)

We’re continuing a feature where we include a member profile in our newsletter so this awesome community can get to know one another. If you’re here, it means you’re one of our paying Club New Tropic members, and we’d love for you to be one of the profiles! If you’re game, answer the questions below […]

/ July 25, 2020

✊🏾A Crowdsourced Guide to Supporting #BlackLivesMatter

“He asked for a minute of silence for George Floyd, which the crowd welcomed.” – Stefano Bortoletto (📸: @revelry_photography) Looking for people to follow, resources to read or watch or ways to contribute? Below you’ll find reader and team-submitted links that we hope are useful in the fight for justice. This list is by no […]

/ June 3, 2020

Senior Send-Off: Gabriela from Immaculate LaSalle

Dear Seniors, I have been very sentimental thinking about how I’m not having all the senior activities, a year that is supposed to be the best year. The culmination of hard work but then I am reminded that that’s life not everything goes according to our plans and knowing how to deal with that is […]

/ May 21, 2020

Senior Send-Off: Lakitta writes to William H. Turner Tech

To the prestigious Class of 2020. Walking through the halls our Freshman Year, we all expected our Senior Year to be the most memorable part of high school. We claimed that 2020 would be our year, anticipating the incentives that came along with us becoming seniors. Whether it was screaming to the top of our […]

/ May 14, 2020

Senior Send-Off: Kristian writes to Westland Hialeah Senior High

In 2016, I took my first steps as a Wildcat. I had expected a lot of hoopla about Westland; red and black everywhere; anything and everything Wildcat related, you name it, I figured they had it. But what I sure didn’t anticipate was an overwhelming, gigantic wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling poster of the inside of a T-Rex’s […]

/ May 14, 2020

Senior Send-Off: Julianna writes to Ronald Reagan Senior High

Dear Mighty Bison,   In a time where we should all be coming together to end out the year, we now have to stay apart and distance ourselves from one another. Our lives have come to an abrupt pause, leaving us confused and scared. Our health, our safety, our friends, our faculty, our teachers; we had […]

/ May 14, 2020