Meet the people who get to touch all the art

You learn a lot when you get up close and personal with paintings.

/ December 4, 2016

What podcasts get you through your commute?

We love podcasts, so we asked you all what you’re listening to. And we shared some of our own, too.

/ November 21, 2016

How did Florida really vote this election? Not red or blue, but a whole lot of purple

It’s easy to define counties as red or blue, but it’s not quite accurate. Here’s what happens when you zoom in.

/ November 16, 2016

The eco-friendly incubator making Miami green

Green innovation isn’t just happening near the urban core.

/ November 8, 2016

You’re dining with the dead at Joe’s Stone Crab

There are bodies buried at Joe’s Stone Crab — and we’re not talking crustaceans.

/ October 30, 2016

There’s an island in your backyard you might have never noticed

In between Miami Beach and the mainland lives an uninhabited island open to the public. The chances are you’ve passed by it hundreds of times and never noticed it, so we got some visuals in hopes of sparking up your curiosity.

/ September 21, 2016

11 hilarious and horrible tales of being towed on Miami Beach

We’ve all been there, towed and carless on Miami Beach. We asked you to tell us your heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, funny but not really stories about being towed in Miami Beach. And man, you all delivered.

/ September 19, 2016

A day in the life of Raven the runner

Robert “Raven” Kraft has ran eight miles on the South Beach sand every single day since Jan. 1 1975, and he’s sort of a staple of the neighborhood. Here’s what a day in his life is like.

/ September 11, 2016

Forget about Brink! Meet Miami’s godfather of skating.

When you picture the South Beach boardwalk, you picture skaters in bikinis and cutoff shorts. Meet Amit Klein, who has made it his mission to make that part of that South Beach life.

/ September 8, 2016

What issues affect South Beach?

South Beach is ground zero for Miami’s debates on sea level rise and historic preservation — and how much can and should be done to adapt.

/ September 5, 2016