Brickell City Centre showed Miami you can build for people, not cars

And if it really takes off, it could change the way other developers do their thing.

/ December 20, 2016

This is what happens when you eat miracle fruit

Homestead fave Robert is Here sells miracle fruit among all the other weird and wonderful things he sells. We explored whether they’re worth the hype.

/ December 13, 2016

South Dade Guide

South Dade, loosely defined as the area south of Palmetto Bay and extending down to the Everglades, is one of the most special parts of the county. Initially a mosquito-filled, marshy tropical wilderness, the region has evolved into a thriving agricultural and residential community. Pick some fresh strawberries, travel the lush bike trails, stop to gaze at gorgeous orchids, grab a warm cinnamon roll, and cool down with a delicious milkshake. These are just a few of the things you can do with an afternoon in South Dade.

/ December 12, 2016

Where to drink in South Dade

South Dade’s got the usual bars and coffee shops, but what’s special down here are the milkshakes, the juices, and the tropical wines.

/ December 11, 2016

What to explore in South Dade

If you’re itching for an escape from the city life, just head down to South Dade, where the tropical natural landscape seems almost endless – and the ways to explore it are too.

/ December 11, 2016

Where to eat in South Dade

South Dade is the source of the best produce, cinnamon rolls, AND Mexican food in South Florida. Eat up – it’s a long drive back to the concrete jungle.

/ December 11, 2016

People to know in South Dade

From farmers to bakers, beekeepers to Buddhists, South Dade is teeming with fascinating people, many of whom have ties to some of Miami-Dade’s earliest residents.

/ December 11, 2016

What issues affect South Dade?

South Dade’s got a lot of concerns about where our food comes from, how we’re going to keep our waterways clean, and how they’re going to access Miami-Dade’s opportunities from their location on the periphery.

/ December 11, 2016

South Dade History

South Dade transformed from a marshy mosquito-filled wilderness into a thriving agricultural community in a century, then rebounded from a devastating hurricane.

/ December 11, 2016

Learning to play the trumpet with pop star Spencer Ludwig

We convinced former Capital Cities bandmate Spencer Ludwig to give Chris Adamo a trumpet lesson. (Chris was not very good. We still love him tho.)

/ December 6, 2016